04 August 2013

Thought about blogging, so dammit, I'm gonna blog.

Man, if I could get my blog posts to transmit from my brain to the Internets, I'd have so damn more many posts. I really should have sat down to write it when I was thinking about it, but I was working and shit. Oh, how I was going to regale y'all. Hahahahahahahahaha.

There's been many a thing happening over the last however long it's been since I wrote anything. Most recently, we had a family vacation. Everyone was there -- from the 'rents (including my mom and her new knee) to my future brother-in-law to The Boy I Currently Like. Yes, he came on the family vacation and it went swimmingly.

After six days with eight other people and a dog around, I was desperate for alone time, but I came back to the Minneapple and promptly turned around and met Law Talkin' Gal and went to see The Postal Service. I didn't even finish unpacking. Truth be told, I didn't truly finish that until today. And honestly, I still have a bag with cans of club soda, peanut butter and nutella sitting in the kitchen.

Oh, did I have plans to be productive on Saturday. I was gonna go to the farmer's market, do some cooking and laundry and work. I showered. And cleared some space on my DVR. I barely sat up on the couch, for fuck's sake. Good thing I showered, though, because I ended up leaving home for two hours to go drink with S&M at Liquor Lyle's. Totes worth it.

Thankfully, I was home and in bed at a reasonable hour, if not fairly drunk. Today was my day to be productive. I went to the farmer's market, did four loads of laundry, worked and cooked two goddamn meals and did dishes twice. LOOK AT ME GO.

And as I type these last few sentences, I feel the burning in my forearm. I've got carpal tunnel syndrome and forearm tendinitis. I'm not wearing my brace or straps. First thing tomorrow I have physical therapy, so I should probably be shutting her down for the night. Plus, I've got lettuce to clean yet.

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Gia said...

Ugh that is a lot of family time. I would so need a break from that.