26 August 2013

Oh, Monday. Stop being so Mondayish.

My phone died overnight, which might not normally be a problem, but in this case, it's also my alarm. So it's mildly problematic in this case. 

I knew something was terribly wrong when I woke up on my own, feeling nicely rested. Stupid oversleeping. I mean, getting a decent night's sleep is awesome. But waking up at the time I was supposed to leave for work is less than ideal.

When I realized what was up, I ran to wash my face and get ready. Except, who wants to get to work at like, 10? Not this guy. 

The new boss was starting today, so I felt kinda bad about not being there, but he's gonna be there for a while, so ... I am quite interested to see where he's gonna end up, as when we moved into this new office, the Powers That Be decided it would be a great idea to not allow any room for expansion. So, what happens? They hire two new bosses who are going to hire new employees and there is nowhere for any of them to sit. That's some great thinking right there. Business!

Once I decided to work from home, I just decided to go all in and not even leave the house. Because it is like Satan's motherfucking asshole out there. We have a heat advisory through Thursday. And it started yesterday. It's the end of fucking August, by the way. Yeah, so I ended up not even leaving the house today, save to go out and get the mail, which is five steps away from my front door. 

This is kinda going nowhere. Which is totally exciting. I'm just hoping Tuesday isn't as horrible as Tuesdays tend to be. Also, I should look for a new alarm clock.

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