06 August 2013


I was supposed to be at First Ave right now, having my world rocked by D'Angelo. Alas, he's ill. Wait, that isn't quite right. He's seriously ill -- he's in the hospital and the statement "but he's going to make it," was in print about his condition.

Holy shit! Obviously, I'm disappointed, but I'd rather he cancel a show and live to tour when his album drops than anything else. Honestly, after that show six weeks ago, I'm still swooning.

Before I found out D'Angelo was canceled (yesterday), I'd sold the ticket I had to see The National tonight. I'd had that ticket for MONTHS. And I actually am not sad to be missing that show. I mean, a bunch of my friends are there and it would have been a blast. But I have an 8:00 a.m. call with a potential client tomorrow, so I kinda need to have my shit together for that.

In terms of other disappointments, I tried to buy some goddamn makeup for my sister's upcoming nuptials (Friday! Yeah, things been happening) after work yesterday. I thought, "oh, I'll just swing by the Mall of America after work and hit Sephora and/or MAC and then hit the gym."

Yeah... it didn't quite work like that. The MOA Sephora was a disaster area and there were no associates on the sales floor. At MAC, I did get offered help, but the girl just fucking walked away and never came back (her eyes shadow was terrible, anyway). So, I drove to another suburb to another poorly-staffed Sephora (at least they had the Urban Decay makeup setting spray I wanted [which doesn't appear to work for shit]) where the staff eventually -- as I was leaving -- overly friendly to me. I'm suspicious of anyone I don't know telling me I look really pretty in a particular color. STOP BEING NICE NOW THAT I'M LEAVING, JERKS.

I finally got some help from the lovely lass at the MAC counter at Macy's and of course, as of today, I'm not sure it was such a great choice. I mean, I've used the foundation (Studio Tech) in the past. I probably just need to get used to applying it again, as I've been using tinted moisturizer for a couple of years now, at least. It'll all be okay!  Shit, it ain't my wedding and I ain't paying for the pictures. I don't really give too many fucks in this scenario.

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