26 August 2013

Oh, Monday. Stop being so Mondayish.

My phone died overnight, which might not normally be a problem, but in this case, it's also my alarm. So it's mildly problematic in this case. 

I knew something was terribly wrong when I woke up on my own, feeling nicely rested. Stupid oversleeping. I mean, getting a decent night's sleep is awesome. But waking up at the time I was supposed to leave for work is less than ideal.

When I realized what was up, I ran to wash my face and get ready. Except, who wants to get to work at like, 10? Not this guy. 

The new boss was starting today, so I felt kinda bad about not being there, but he's gonna be there for a while, so ... I am quite interested to see where he's gonna end up, as when we moved into this new office, the Powers That Be decided it would be a great idea to not allow any room for expansion. So, what happens? They hire two new bosses who are going to hire new employees and there is nowhere for any of them to sit. That's some great thinking right there. Business!

Once I decided to work from home, I just decided to go all in and not even leave the house. Because it is like Satan's motherfucking asshole out there. We have a heat advisory through Thursday. And it started yesterday. It's the end of fucking August, by the way. Yeah, so I ended up not even leaving the house today, save to go out and get the mail, which is five steps away from my front door. 

This is kinda going nowhere. Which is totally exciting. I'm just hoping Tuesday isn't as horrible as Tuesdays tend to be. Also, I should look for a new alarm clock.

25 August 2013


Man. I just got my first free weekend in ages. Like, six weeks to be a bit more precise. There have been so many things going on -- mom's knee replacement, family vacation, sister's wedding, concerts, Girls' Weekend, work, friends visiting  ...

I mean, I was gently accused of being busy yesterday! I had to squeeze some damn time in my schedule to visit W before she pops out Baby #2. She may have mentioned something about me doing "Jess Things." And yeah, I guess that's true. But man, I am ready for this shit to be done.

One of the many things that have fallen to the wayside while I've been busy with shit was the general state of my apartment. Being home was stressing me out because there was so much fucking clutter and dust and dear sweet Jebus, I couldn't stand it.

So, this was to be my weekend to clean. And then this weekend arrived. And so did the heat. I figured I'd be able to clean and do a bunch of cooking yesterday, because the heat wave wasn't supposed to start until Sunday. Except it was still 88 or 90 yesterday. The humidity didn't kick in until later in the day, so after I got home from the house on Pillsbury, I managed to at least do a little cooking and ... well, I didn't clean, but I put a bunch of shit away and the mess isn't nearly as stressful now (though, I have managed to fill some of the space back in awfully quickly).

My apartment didn't seem so bad early this afternoon. This, of course, led me to think it might be a good idea to do some cooking. The fridge has been full-to-overflowing with CSA vegetables, so I needed to do something. Minestrone seemed like the thing to do. And it got pretty bad. Doing the dishes didn't help. This is obviously not a good week for soup-eating, so I had to have lunch, too. Chicken thighs in the crockpot it is.

Suffice it to say, it's warmish in here and I have a shitload of dishes to do. But they're gonna have to wait until tomorrow. I just can't fucking handle it tonight. At least I've got food to eat all week and I shouldn't have to turn on the oven. Maybe I can even do a smidge of cleaning each night, too.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, that's hilarious. Maybe next weekend.

Now, I've gotta eat this sweet corn and take a shower.

11 August 2013

All this summer is getting to me.

Dear sweet baby Jebus, I hate myself for this, but I'm getting ready for it to be Fall. I have just packed so much shit into such short little stretches of summer that I need a break.

But Girls' Weekend is on the horizon. I think that's gonna be my last summer hurrah. Well, then a month later is Fat Mike the Gangsta's 40th birthday extravaganza. Then it's done for a while. Until my next Girls's Weekend, about two weeks later. At least I'm gonna have a few weekends coming up here to unpack everything and get my damn apartment cleaned up.

My sister's wedding went just fine. By the time I got home the following day, I had to turn around and meet KayGee and my friend Laurie and her husband, who were in town visiting. Some eight hours later, I came home. Yeesh. Again, totally worth it and a blast. Now I have a year or so to work on getting them to move here.

Had big plans for being at my sister's today, including doing a bunch of grilling. However, when I went out to start it up, I found the propane tank empty. POOPS.

Now, I just have to get through a few more days (second four-day work week in a row!) and I will be floating on a lake, getting drunk with some of my favorite ladies in the world.

I can do this.

06 August 2013


I was supposed to be at First Ave right now, having my world rocked by D'Angelo. Alas, he's ill. Wait, that isn't quite right. He's seriously ill -- he's in the hospital and the statement "but he's going to make it," was in print about his condition.

Holy shit! Obviously, I'm disappointed, but I'd rather he cancel a show and live to tour when his album drops than anything else. Honestly, after that show six weeks ago, I'm still swooning.

Before I found out D'Angelo was canceled (yesterday), I'd sold the ticket I had to see The National tonight. I'd had that ticket for MONTHS. And I actually am not sad to be missing that show. I mean, a bunch of my friends are there and it would have been a blast. But I have an 8:00 a.m. call with a potential client tomorrow, so I kinda need to have my shit together for that.

In terms of other disappointments, I tried to buy some goddamn makeup for my sister's upcoming nuptials (Friday! Yeah, things been happening) after work yesterday. I thought, "oh, I'll just swing by the Mall of America after work and hit Sephora and/or MAC and then hit the gym."

Yeah... it didn't quite work like that. The MOA Sephora was a disaster area and there were no associates on the sales floor. At MAC, I did get offered help, but the girl just fucking walked away and never came back (her eyes shadow was terrible, anyway). So, I drove to another suburb to another poorly-staffed Sephora (at least they had the Urban Decay makeup setting spray I wanted [which doesn't appear to work for shit]) where the staff eventually -- as I was leaving -- overly friendly to me. I'm suspicious of anyone I don't know telling me I look really pretty in a particular color. STOP BEING NICE NOW THAT I'M LEAVING, JERKS.

I finally got some help from the lovely lass at the MAC counter at Macy's and of course, as of today, I'm not sure it was such a great choice. I mean, I've used the foundation (Studio Tech) in the past. I probably just need to get used to applying it again, as I've been using tinted moisturizer for a couple of years now, at least. It'll all be okay!  Shit, it ain't my wedding and I ain't paying for the pictures. I don't really give too many fucks in this scenario.

04 August 2013

Thought about blogging, so dammit, I'm gonna blog.

Man, if I could get my blog posts to transmit from my brain to the Internets, I'd have so damn more many posts. I really should have sat down to write it when I was thinking about it, but I was working and shit. Oh, how I was going to regale y'all. Hahahahahahahahaha.

There's been many a thing happening over the last however long it's been since I wrote anything. Most recently, we had a family vacation. Everyone was there -- from the 'rents (including my mom and her new knee) to my future brother-in-law to The Boy I Currently Like. Yes, he came on the family vacation and it went swimmingly.

After six days with eight other people and a dog around, I was desperate for alone time, but I came back to the Minneapple and promptly turned around and met Law Talkin' Gal and went to see The Postal Service. I didn't even finish unpacking. Truth be told, I didn't truly finish that until today. And honestly, I still have a bag with cans of club soda, peanut butter and nutella sitting in the kitchen.

Oh, did I have plans to be productive on Saturday. I was gonna go to the farmer's market, do some cooking and laundry and work. I showered. And cleared some space on my DVR. I barely sat up on the couch, for fuck's sake. Good thing I showered, though, because I ended up leaving home for two hours to go drink with S&M at Liquor Lyle's. Totes worth it.

Thankfully, I was home and in bed at a reasonable hour, if not fairly drunk. Today was my day to be productive. I went to the farmer's market, did four loads of laundry, worked and cooked two goddamn meals and did dishes twice. LOOK AT ME GO.

And as I type these last few sentences, I feel the burning in my forearm. I've got carpal tunnel syndrome and forearm tendinitis. I'm not wearing my brace or straps. First thing tomorrow I have physical therapy, so I should probably be shutting her down for the night. Plus, I've got lettuce to clean yet.