14 April 2013

Mother Nature, you're killin' me.

Sweet Lord almighty. Today was our sixth consecutive day of measurable snow in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. It is APRIL 14. The last time this happened was in February of 1962.




And everyone is miserable. This weather makes up about 50 percent of my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Guess I have a lot of local color in both. You'd think that maybe since we're all in this together it wouldn't feel so bad. But that apparently makes no difference.

I'm itching to get out and drink on my damn deck. It's currently covered with snow, however.

Of course, with six consecutive days of snow, glimpses of the sun have been very limited indeed. I really need some vitamin D.

There was a point today where I thought I'd take advantage of the dreariness and do some baking and cooking, but all I managed to do was my laundry and then hours later, make my lunch for the week. The rest of my afternoon was spent on the couch, reading and watching TV. It was all I could do. Well, I did get some dog petting in, which is what saved the day.

Back to the grind tomorrow. I sure hope the sun peeks out.

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