22 April 2013

In my mind, my summer is already ruined.

Man, this imagination of mine sure is somethin'. It's enough on it's own, but combined with my penchant for ratcheting up from next-to-nothing to absolute-worst-case-scenario ...

I have new upstairs neighbors. They've lived here maybe a week or so and they're already on my shit list. Thanks to them, I've already taken two ice-cold showers (and washed my dishes in cool water ... you'll know what killed me when I turn up dead!), which is really great post-workout. You want those muscles to stiffen up as much and as quickly as possible. And a cold shower is really great at like, 10:00 at night. Because the thing you need right before bed is to be shocked into awakeness.

Also, I'm fairly certain at least one of them is M. Piedlourde. They wake me up in the morning, stomping around and have been causing pieces of plaster to fall from my bedroom ceiling (you'll know what caused it if I turn up dead by being crushed instead of falling victim to some sort of food borne illness).

However, I'm not worried they're going to use the deck when it gets nice out. I'm not sure why I'm so convinced of this fact, but  ... well, I just feel it, okay? And I can't fucking handle going through that again. I never did get an answer as to when the designation of the deck going with this apartment to belonging to the entire building happened. Management never returned that phone call.

I can't handle having people out there when I'm in here, 10 feet away, just trying to live my damn life. I lose so much if that happens.

Probably its this GODDAMN SNOWSTORM messing with my head. Though, I thought I'd come to terms with it. Maybe I just think I came to terms with it. I still have my argument about my deck being the one thing that never gets shoveled when the building maintenance people come to shovel sidewalks. If it was communal property, shouldn't they clear it, too?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna try to talk myself down with some wine so maybe I can go to damn sleep later.

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