31 March 2013

Hey, remember when I used to write stuff here?

I clearly just have nothing to say. And have had nothing to say for weeks and weeks. I am the worst.

Since my last post (this is starting to feel like Confession), I've watched a shitload of basketball, moved my parents, went to birthday parties and got hammed with little ill effect the next day (TWICE!), got a bonus and a raise, went back to yoga and probably other stuff.

Shit is boring, yo. Work isn't out-of-bounds crazy. Yet. We have busy days/weeks, but I've worked little on my vacation days/weekends.

Maybe it's been the extended winter. It's felt extended, anyway. The Boy I Currently Like and I were watching some of the U.S. version of Top Gear before the GAME OF THRONES PREMIERE tonight, and they were winter driving in Minnesota and the episode made me feel so uncomfortable. It was too soon, I guess. It's only just started to warm up and I'm just fucking ready to drink on a goddamn patio already. Jesus.

Things are looking up -- the Twins opener is tomorrow. I've got lots of shows coming up (Divine Fits, Michael Ian Black/AC Newman Wits, Rob Delaney/Neko Case/Kelly Hogan Wits, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The National), Sea Salt opens Friday, there are zoos to visit, Law Talkin' Gal's wedding, Girls' Weekend ... FUN SHIT AHEAD!

Perhaps there will be things for me to write about. I hope so, anyway.

05 March 2013

I cannot take it anymore!

Oh my God. I'm so tired of being sick. I've reached my limit. I'm going insane.

As of tomorrow, it'll be two weeks that I've been sick. Nearly a week since my doctor visit. I finished my antibiotics yesterday (though, they'll be in my system another four days, I guess). But I'm still coughing, wheezing and blowing my nose. I'm doing all of those things less and less each day, but I'm still doing them.

I managed to go to the gym on Sunday, but yesterday was no a possibility. My lungs were on fire. Today was iffy. I felt great while out shoveling my deck this afternoon and thought, "I can totally go to the gym." I coughed so hard I got dizzy when I came in, though, so I figured maybe I should put it off one more day.

But tomorrow I go back to the office, so I'm going back to normal. Well, I'm going to go to the gym. I'm not so stupid as to attempt a normal workout. I'll ease back into it. But I'm going, god dammit. I have to.

Since I've been tired, coughing and blowing my nose all the damn time, I've not done as much cooking or baking as I would have liked with my "time off." Boy howdy, though, have I caught up on TV and reading. Comics, mostly. But I have a ton of space on my DVR and I'm taking a big ol' pile of comics back to The Boy I Currently Like on Friday.

So, there's that. I haven't been completely useless, I guess. I sure feel like I have been, though.