24 February 2013

Long day.

It's amazing to be this exhausted at 8:25 p.m. when I went to bed around 11:15 the previous night. Today was a ridiculously long day, though.

My Grandma died on Thursday and today was her wake and funeral. I've written about my mom's family a number of times over the years, and today has to be one of the final chapters. I mean, I don't see much of a reason for my mom and all of her sisters to get together after we bury grandma's ashes at some point later this year. We split up in the church today on opposite sides, according to the long-ago-forged rifts.

It's so jarring to hear and see the lovely things people were saying about her. It's like all of the people who showed up (WAY more than we expected) knew a different woman than I did. It's so weird. And sad.

All in all, it makes for a really long day. Being sick didn't help matters any. But I got to spend some time with my ridiculously cute nephew and I got to hang with my super-spazzy, cute doggie. So, there's that.

Now, I go back to work after a week off. Most of a week off, anyway. I sure don't feel like I've had really any time off work, which blows. Being mid-cold is only making matters worse.

Oh well. What are you gonna do? I'm showered and my laundry is almost done, so I'll be sleeping in my own bed, all clean and shit tonight. That's one of my favorite things.

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