06 January 2013

What's this strange feeling?

Look -- it's a really great problem to have. I'm not going to dispute that. Then again, this should be normal and not some strange new state to which I need to adjust.

I've felt like I just don't know what to do with myself today because I didn't have to work. Oh, I could have worked. But it wasn't 100 percent necessary, so fuck that noise. Not having enough quarters (ONE SHORT) to do my laundry probably contributed, but I would have been done with that ages ago and still would have been sitting here, at 7:45 thinking, "Now what?"

Friday night I made macaroni and cheese, so I didn't even have to cook tonight. Plus, we're getting lunch brought in on Thursday, so I need less food for the week than I might normally. Oh, and it's the holiday party Friday night and we're taking my mom out to dinner on Saturday night, so I need considerably less food this week than normal.

I decided to bake some banana-pumpkin bread, since I didn't have enough non-frozen, overripe bananas to make plain ol' banana bread. I did dishes. I'll do more soon. The Gopher game hasn't been compelling (well, it went from god-awful to watch to very exciting to a blowout all pretty quickly) and there's no football to watch tonight. I guess I'll cook up some America's Test Kitchen roasted broccoli to have with my mac and cheese for the next couple days. Maybe just tomorrow. I generally eat that shit right off the damn pan. Oh, it's so good.

Hopefully, I'm actually going to be able to fully adjust to working a normal schedule again. There is so much I should be doing -- this place is still a mess. That's a bit on the daunting side for a Sunday, though. but if everything gets back to normal, I will be able to clean. I will be able to cook. I WILL BE ABLE TO RELAX AND HAVE FUN.

Guess I'll cross my fingers and hope for the best.

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