08 January 2013

I don't know how to handle these emotions.*

I've had a difficult time trying to describe how I feel this evening. I'm settling on giddy, and that scares me a little.

The only real reason I can point to for this feeling is that I only worked six hours today and I don't feel compelled to make up those hours. Things transpired today that lead me to believe this reprieve will be short-lived, so I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can.

Not even a failed gym visit was going to get me down today. Well, it did for a little bit. I went early to the newish gym and was terrified by the lack of parking. But I went in anyway. I was pleased to see there was no line for the treadmills, so at least I wouldn't have to wait long for one of those.

The locker room, however, was a clusterfuck. I've been super annoyed over the last month or so by the people who use a locker for their fucking jacket and don't put a lock on it. So, you go in and think there are all these open lockers and you have to go through a dozen before you find one that's actually empty. Oh, and I slam those fuckers hard when they have someone's shit in them.

Tonight, it was so bad, I was cursing. I went through two-thirds of the lockers before I heard some ladies talking about having checked them all and they were all full. I've been going to gyms with daily lockers since I graduated from college and this has never, ever happened. You better goddamn believe I complained at the front desk. The manager seemed to think the problem was people using the lockers overnight. I know it happens, but there were so damn many with just a goddamn jacket in them, I blamed those dicks. Either way, you're out of luck if you left your shit there overnight tonight, bitches. Your lock is gonna get cut off and you're going to have to retrieve your belongings from lost and found. Assholes.

I ended up going to Uptown and getting in a decentish cardio visit and then I got home early. I did dishes and roasted some vegetables and now I'm really excited about using up stuff in my fridge to make a salad for a late dinner. Way more excited than I should be. The Wolves are winning and I'm just fucking HAPPY FOR NO REASON.

It's weird. But it's okay.

*Note: After I published this, I realized I used almost identical titles for consecutive posts. So I changed this one. I feel like that says so much about my life over the last year or so. 

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