21 January 2013


I considered posting something a number of times today and was all, "I have other shit to do," or, "Damn, I'm too tired to think."

The latter is a bit odd, since I was off today. My company wasn't shut down or anything; we get President's Day off, but not Martin Luther King day, because that shit makes a ton of sense. I took the day off, because working when everyone I know is off makes me angry. And I allegedly have a lot of time to use this year.

Not really sure why I was so tired. I got more sleep than I would normally have had on a Sunday night. I lounged around for a bit before heading out to run errands and go to the gym. Maybe it was the cold. The temperature here never even hit zero today. Apparently, it's been four years since we had a below-zero high. It sucked. It was cold as hell. But I still went out in it and survived.

Sure was a good day for making soup and other stuff, though. I made a chicken chili, 'cause I had most of a rotisserie chicken in the fridge. After some tinkering, it turned out pretty darn good. I also made pumpkin bread and split pea soup with ham. Now I have a shitton of soup and chili in my fridge. More than I kinda thought I would have. But that's a bunch of meals I don't have to make later!

It's back to it tomorrow. I'm going to see Kelly Hogan on Thursday, which is pretty fucking exciting. And it's going to eventually warm up to ABOVE ZERO. That's some pretty exciting shit, y'all.

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