30 January 2013

Exciting hair experiment.

So many time over the last 11 months I've thought about updating on how the no-poo thing is going. But there wasn't much to say. I've been experimenting with products, still; trying to take care of the damn frizz halo I get. Other than that, though, it's been pretty great.

A month or so ago (probably?) I started sleeping with a satin cap, which curlies will know is supposed to help minimize hair breakage. You see, when your hair is gliding across a cotton pillowcase, it catches. But with a satin, it glides freely. I was going to try satin pillowcases first, but I heard they're terrible for your skin, and that's something I certainly don't need. Plus, with the cap, my hair is tidily tucked away and doesn't bother me all night.

Another thing the cap is supposed to do is make it so your hair is easier to style the next day. Maybe you just need to touch it up, even. That hasn't been the case for me, because most days I'm going to bed with hair that's been up in a half-assed bun most of the day and is also full of dried sweat from the gym. Terrible.

I got an e-mail last week from NaturallyCurly.com with tips on what to do with your hair when you sleep. And I decided I was gonna try that shit. So, last night, I washed (with conditioner, natch) my hair when I took my post-workout shower. I even blotted my hair dry with a damn t-shirt.

The option I chose was the going-to-bed-with-crunchy-hair method, and I gotta say, it worked pretty darn well. The crunch was partially scrunched out of my hair by virtue of my moving around in my sleep. I scrunched the rest out, put some Aveda Defining Whip in my hair and went about my day. I left my hair down until mid-afternoon, which is about six hours longer than normal. It was getting a bit weird-looking by that point, but certainly wasn't terrible. Since this is all new to me, it didn't even occur to me to add a bit more product or scrunch some water into it.

I have much to learn. Maybe tomorrow I'll spray it with a bit of water and add a bit of different product. I'll see what it looks like when I get up, I guess. There are a lot of benefits to this new system: I use less water by taking one shower per day (didn't feel icky at all, which I usually do if I don't shower in the morning), I have more time to either sleep or once the Gymmigrants leave, I can get up at my normal time and finish work early. That means getting to the gym earlier and having more time to enjoy lovely spring and summer evenings. Am I getting ahead of myself? Almost certainly. But that's what I do. The Boy I Currently Like finds it delightful, so I've got that going for me.


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