04 December 2012

You win, Tuesday. You win.

Oh, I thought I'd gotten away with a not-too-bad day when I went off to yoga.

But then I got home from the gym and grocery store. And I went to getty my keys out of my purse. Except they weren't there. Nor were they in my jacket pocket. They weren't in my jeans or my work bag.

I'm fairly sure they are at the office. No big deal. I can run out and get them. Or I could, if the key for the office door want on that keychain.

I ended up driving downtown to pick Law Talkin' Gal up from work, in the hopes that she had a key to my place on her keychain.

Success! Eventually, anyway. I'm home and can get to the office tomorrow. God, I hope my keys are there. I know I took them out of my pocket. It's where they went after that is a mystery to me.

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angelsroy33 said...

That is the worst feeling in the world, is losing your keys, or wallet, or cellphone,...it's like your whole life on one thing. That sucks. Hopefully they will be there waiting for you at work when you get there. I know how it feels tho.