25 December 2012

Thank God it's over.

Christmas was actually a delight. Getting ready for it sucked donkey balls, though. Not having any real time off work made for long days trying to squeeze baking, candy-making and shopping in with the rest of my life.

I jammed even more things into fewer days because I was trying to get to the farm a day early to hang out work my best friend from high school. But she fucking stood me up. That's it. I'm done with that shit. I just don't have timeto deal with people who waste my time like that.

The Boy I Currently Like joined my family for Christmas this year. Not really sure how we ended up here, but I'm really glad he was around. It sounds like he enjoyed the holiday, too. He's spent so many alone that he forgot that it was nice to sit around with a group of people and open gifts and just hang out.

Now it's back to work, which is bullshit. I'm not sure I could get more burnt out than I already am, but why not try?

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