31 December 2012

Smell ya later, 2012.

I'm running out of time to write before I have to head out to The Boy I Currently Like's, and then on to M&M's for what will almost certainly be another delightful New Year's Eve party.

This year has sucked pretty hard (though, there have been several bright points, including weddings, my new nephew and other baby friends, lots of dogs and other stuff), and I'm glad it's almost over.

I've said it before, mostly in jest and because I love Absolutely Fabulous, but I resolve to work less and have more fun in 2013. Christ, it can't be that difficult after this year.

Here's to better things, right? Stay safe and have fun tonight, y'all, wherever the evening takes you. I'll start bitching about all the new jackasses at the gym in a couple of days.

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