07 December 2012

Getting into the holiday spirit.

Man, baking and going to craft fairs. Am I a mom? My mom?

Of course, I bake more than my mom. And this was not my mother's craft fair. I went to the No Coast Craft-O-Rama this afternoon with W and baby H. I somehow managed to not buy only awesome things for myself. Though, I did buy a little something for myself.

I did buy a couple of onesies for my new nephew and a tea towel for ... either my parents or my brother and sister-in-law. I gotta figure out who it goes to.

With the snow coming down, I couldn't help but do some baking. Also, I need A LOT OF COOKIES to give to family and friends. Thankfully, Lunds and Byerley's is having a huge sale on baking supplies, so I am awash in butter, flour, sugar, etc. I've made double chocolate chip cookies with grey sea salt and chocolate cherry espresso cookies. Also, a loaf of banana bread. Mostly to get rid of bananas. I need freezer space for cookies!

I have these big plans to make MORE COOKIES this weekend, but I don't know how well that will work. I've got to go to my nephew's basketball game tomorrow. I should get to the gym. I've got to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like, too. Oh, and I have to go say goodbye to one of my doggie friends. That's going to be hard.

Oh boy. Here come the tears again.

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