31 December 2012

Smell ya later, 2012.

I'm running out of time to write before I have to head out to The Boy I Currently Like's, and then on to M&M's for what will almost certainly be another delightful New Year's Eve party.

This year has sucked pretty hard (though, there have been several bright points, including weddings, my new nephew and other baby friends, lots of dogs and other stuff), and I'm glad it's almost over.

I've said it before, mostly in jest and because I love Absolutely Fabulous, but I resolve to work less and have more fun in 2013. Christ, it can't be that difficult after this year.

Here's to better things, right? Stay safe and have fun tonight, y'all, wherever the evening takes you. I'll start bitching about all the new jackasses at the gym in a couple of days.

25 December 2012

Thank God it's over.

Christmas was actually a delight. Getting ready for it sucked donkey balls, though. Not having any real time off work made for long days trying to squeeze baking, candy-making and shopping in with the rest of my life.

I jammed even more things into fewer days because I was trying to get to the farm a day early to hang out work my best friend from high school. But she fucking stood me up. That's it. I'm done with that shit. I just don't have timeto deal with people who waste my time like that.

The Boy I Currently Like joined my family for Christmas this year. Not really sure how we ended up here, but I'm really glad he was around. It sounds like he enjoyed the holiday, too. He's spent so many alone that he forgot that it was nice to sit around with a group of people and open gifts and just hang out.

Now it's back to work, which is bullshit. I'm not sure I could get more burnt out than I already am, but why not try?

09 December 2012

Softening butter in a snowstorm.

There is little more I enjoy doing during a snowstorm than baking.

Alas, I really only had time to bake one batch, which makes me kinda sad.

By the time I finished work and my laundry, and took a shower, there was only time for the chocolate chocolate-mint chip cookies. I'd meant to make Snickerdoodles, too, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow.

With 10ish inches of snow on the ground (with it still coming down, at least the last time I looked), I'm sure as Hell not going into the office tomorrow. I do not have time to waste in traffic. Plus, my car is several cold, snowy blocks away.

Hopefully, I can finish up working early enough to do some more baking tomorrow. It's getting to be crunch time, y'all!

07 December 2012

Getting into the holiday spirit.

Man, baking and going to craft fairs. Am I a mom? My mom?

Of course, I bake more than my mom. And this was not my mother's craft fair. I went to the No Coast Craft-O-Rama this afternoon with W and baby H. I somehow managed to not buy only awesome things for myself. Though, I did buy a little something for myself.

I did buy a couple of onesies for my new nephew and a tea towel for ... either my parents or my brother and sister-in-law. I gotta figure out who it goes to.

With the snow coming down, I couldn't help but do some baking. Also, I need A LOT OF COOKIES to give to family and friends. Thankfully, Lunds and Byerley's is having a huge sale on baking supplies, so I am awash in butter, flour, sugar, etc. I've made double chocolate chip cookies with grey sea salt and chocolate cherry espresso cookies. Also, a loaf of banana bread. Mostly to get rid of bananas. I need freezer space for cookies!

I have these big plans to make MORE COOKIES this weekend, but I don't know how well that will work. I've got to go to my nephew's basketball game tomorrow. I should get to the gym. I've got to hang out with The Boy I Currently Like, too. Oh, and I have to go say goodbye to one of my doggie friends. That's going to be hard.

Oh boy. Here come the tears again.

04 December 2012

You win, Tuesday. You win.

Oh, I thought I'd gotten away with a not-too-bad day when I went off to yoga.

But then I got home from the gym and grocery store. And I went to getty my keys out of my purse. Except they weren't there. Nor were they in my jacket pocket. They weren't in my jeans or my work bag.

I'm fairly sure they are at the office. No big deal. I can run out and get them. Or I could, if the key for the office door want on that keychain.

I ended up driving downtown to pick Law Talkin' Gal up from work, in the hopes that she had a key to my place on her keychain.

Success! Eventually, anyway. I'm home and can get to the office tomorrow. God, I hope my keys are there. I know I took them out of my pocket. It's where they went after that is a mystery to me.