12 November 2012

Pity party.

My mother is getting concerned about me spending Thanksgiving alone. OH,  THE HORROR!

Several weeks ago, I agreed to dogsit my buddies Arlo and Jethro that day. It was gonna be fine, because I was going to have Thanksgiving with KayGee and the Prison Librarian, as per the norm. Except they are no longer together now. Understandably, KayGee has yet to make a decision about what she wants to do, so I'm kind of left in the lurch.

Mom knows this and is very worried about me spending Thanksgiving all by my lonesome. But not so worried that she'll let me bring the dogs down with me (not even sure that would be an option, but that's neither here nor there at this point!). She wonders why I can't just drive down for dinner. Oh yes, that would be delightful -- around three hours of driving for a one-hour meal. No drinking and no watching football and basketball.

No drinking, no football, no basketball? Honestly, that's about 50 percent of Thanksgiving for me.

Weirdly, my sister wants my to allow me to bring the dogs. Yet she does not even care for our own family dogs. I'm on to you, dude. You just want me to draw some fire away from you. NICE TRY. And honestly, for some reason, it's so much better when just one of us is home. When the second one shows up, no matter which of us it is, Mom just starts to lose her shit. And Lord knows I don't need that on top of everything else.

And who knows, I might end up with plans. The Boy I Currently Like doesn't have his Turkey Day planned yet. KayGee may decide she wants to eat delicious food and get shifaced. Regardless, I'm probably making a Thanksgiving Dinner. I need leftovers for the annual Drink-Copious-Amounts-of-Red-Wine-and-Pretend-to-Eat-Leftovers party. Plus, I LOVE Thanksgiving leftovers. I need them. I will make the damn meal just to have the leftovers.

Oh, why can't it be this week?

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