29 November 2012

Love my body.

*insert scream filled with rage and frustration here*

Oh dear, sweet Jebus. I am a wreck.I guess mostly its just my face. It's totally and completely my face.

There's a family picture approaching on Saturday, after my nephew's baptism. So, of course, my face is completely broken out. Not only am I just generally zitty, but I have a Harriet Tubman on the bridge of my nose. What's a Harriet Tubman, you ask? It's one of those deep, deep zits. Underground. Like the underground railroad? Yeah, it's lame. A rich, white girl I worked with once used it.

Anyway, this thing is so fucking big (but not overtly big), it's changing the shape of my nose. CHANGING THE SHAPE OF MY NOSE, you guys.

I don't get these horrendous ones often, but Jesus, they suck.

Of course, I am trying all kinds of things to combat the zits. That may or may not be causing the dry, flakiness of my skin. Trying to fix that may be making more zits.

It's so wonderful!

Also, I am 38. Almost 39! WHY WON'T MY SKIN CLEAR UP?

I just hope it improves before my facial in like 10 days. Those poor Aveda girls don't deserve to deal with this mess.

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