08 November 2012

Leveling off.

Oh man. Yesterday was a long day. I was up until after 2:00 on Tuesday, waiting on the results of the two constitutional amendments to be officialish. Then, I bawled for a while, because I was so happy and relieved. I'm not sure I really realized how worried I was about how those votes would turn out.

But it ended up being even better than I, and many other Minnesota DFLers, could ever even have dreamed. Not only did President Obama win the race and the two amendments were decisively defeated -- but both the Minnesota Senate and House went blue. The possibilities have me giddy. We could have true marriage equality in the near future. HOLY SHIT! This is so awesome!

So yeah. It's exciting and stuff. And then I had to go back to the real world of long work hours, the gym, and car repair (is it really car repair if I'm getting new tires?).

I was really wishing I'd have some time for baking and catching up on work this weekend, but I'm going down to the farm to sing at the local winery, as I did last year. Sometimes I feel like it's so fucking lame, but I have fun and people usually buy me drinks, so what's not to love?

Wish I had time to get my nails did before, but that does not look like it's gonna happen. Unless I manage some downtime tomorrow. Something about holding a mic just feels better with lacquered nails.

Now, to watch some TV.

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