20 November 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year: November Edition.

I'm almost certain I've used this blog post title several times. Never does it refer to Christmas. I have two "most wonderful times of the year." One is happening RIGHT NOW.

Oh, Thanksgiving, how I love you. I'm done with work until Monday. I have several days packed with friends, booze and food on the horizon. There is much football and basketball to watch.

Thanksgiving will be a little different this year. We're on neutral territory, since I'm dogsitting. While it sucks that we'll have to haul all of our shit there, I think having not only a regular-size oven, but a fucking DOUBLE OVEN, plus a dishwasher, plus all kinds of counter space ... well, that makes up for having to haul some shit. Besides, KayGee and the Prison Librarian always hauled their shit here.

That's another difference -- no Prison Librarian. I don't think it'll feel all that weird. There'll be some new people, which will be cool. We've had different people joining us different years, but KayGee and I, and the food, are the constants. That makes me really happy.

I managed to get everything I need after yoga tonight (I'd made a previous trip or two), so I'm ready to start cooking. In fact, I made my cranberry relish already tonight. Whooooooo! I'm really glad I tackled that first, because I just keep forgetting about it when I'm making lists or talking about what we're eating. Of course, this might mean I leave it in my fridge when I pack up on Thursday. But at least we'll be just blocks away, if we need to make a run. And if anyone is sober.

Tomorrow, the sweet potatoes and chocolate stout cake get their due.

Tomorrow night, of course, is Thanksgiving Eve. I think this will be the sixth consecutive year. I swear to you, it is one of my favorite things in the whole world. Next to Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving Leftovers Party, which is on tap for Saturday.

My class reunion is also Saturday. But the organizers gave us a whopping 20 days notice. Are you fucking kidding me? They've known the date and venue since at least September. Apparently, some people found out with less than two weeks' notice -- including someone who lives in Florida. Nice work, losers. I don't even want to see ... well, pretty much all of them. The friends I really want to see, I see. I don't need a night of lame and awkward conversation with people I never liked when I was forced to interact with them on a daily basis. I'd rather spend the time with people I really like.

And that is what this holiday is all about -- I get to spend time over the next several days with many of my favorite people in the world. What more does a girl need?

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