17 November 2012

Friendsgiving IS Thanksgiving.

I've seen a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts today where people were talking about their Friendsgiving shindigs tonight.

Maybe it's because I live close enough to my family that I spend a ton of time with them, anyway, but I'm totally okay with having  Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving be exactly the same thing. In fact, I love it this way!

Just a few days ago, I posted about a potential solo Turkey Day. Within an hour, The Boy I Currently Like had emailed to ask if he might join me and the dogs. Then KayGee decided she was up for it, and now we're looking at maybe six people. Crazy, and awesome, how things turn out.

The best thing thing about T-Giving is that even though most of my friends do end up spending it with their families, many of them still manage to make it out to Liquor Lyle's on Thanksgiving Eve.

Having traditions outside of your family is really fucking awesome.

But that's not the only tradition. Saturday is the annual Thanksgiving leftovers party. My class reunion is that night, but fuck them. So few of those people are my real friends. Why should I spend an evening with them, when I could be hanging out with people I actually like and who are in my life now?

I have more than enough opportunities to spend time with my family. I'm really happy to have one holiday that I spend with my family of choice. I can't wait for Thursday. This shit is better than Christmas.

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