20 October 2012

I almost forgot.

Oh boy. I was seriously going to just type out a few sentences about how nothing has really been happening since my last post, whenever that was. Like, a week ago, I guess.

Seriously, it was going to be work, Lynx games (I went to the first two games of the WNBA Finals and it was pretty fucking awesome), my last CSA box for the year, and my productive Saturday that included going to the gym, hitting the Wedge, making pizza crust, pizza sauce and get this -- a fucking pizza! My awesome DVR clearing skills might have warranted a mention, too.

Then I remembered one little thing -- I have a new nephew! That's kind of a big deal, isn't it?

He was born Monday, I met him on Tuesday (after a visit to the Minnesota Zoo in the morning/early afternoon with The Boy I Currently Like to see baby leopards, baby tigers and other animals) after going to the current nephew's last football game of the season. He's teenie-tiny and pretty cute.

I'll be honest -- there's something about his mouth that makes me think he looks like an infant Corey Feldman. I've only told this to The Boy and KayGee. I'm worried that if I mention it to my brother and sister-in-law -- or god forbid, my mom -- they'll think I'm being horrible. But I'm not! I think it's delightful and like I said, he's pretty cute. I mean, when they're that small, they look like tiny old people, so I could be saying actual bad things.

We were only at the hospital for about a half hour, so I didn't get to hang out with him too much. Then again, he doesn't do so much right about now. He'll be a lot more fun in a few months, like my other baby friends.

So, I guess some exciting things have happened. I'll be heading down to the farm next weekend to see him again and to see my favorite doggie in the whole wide world. In the meantime, I think I might finally hit a damn farmer's market tomorrow to stock up on some goddamn squash. I only managed to get two from the CSA this year. Not awesome.

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