24 October 2012

Eyeshadow bounty!

Sephora is having a sale on Urban Decay eyeshadows. Or they were, anyway. Not a lot of shades, but plenty. I think they are just getting rid of the old packaging, maybe.

Either way, I got NINE eyeshadows for $54. That's six bucks a piece, when they are usually $17 each.

That's what I call a motherfucking bargain, yo.


angelsroy33 said...

Awwww,...I wish I had known about this,...I would've bought some too. I miss all the good sales it seems. I probably spend too much time on eBay, Etsy, and Pinterest. But I love all those eye shadows,...nice buy.

angelsroy33 said...
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Jess said...

They still have some! Still $6! I'm gonna buy a few more, I think.