01 October 2012

Disgusted. Disgusting.

It's bad enough that I'm a disgusting, fat piece of shit. But then I have to go and forget my sport bra so I can't work out today.

I'm not sure I could hate myself more than I do right now. Wait. I know I could, but I feel really fucking shitty right now.

Just have to keep telling myself that it's all mostly hormonal (not the fat part ... well, not all of the fat part ... bloating is the worst). Not sure why, exactly, but Mother Nature decided to show up after being away for just two weeks. Bitch, you're supposed to give me a longer break than that. Then again, it's nice to have an explanation for all the weird shit that was happening to me. Not weird, really, in the context of PMS it all makes perfect sense.

But hey -- since I didn't go to the gym, I got to work tonight!



The worst (?) part is, I didn't use my time wisely at all tonight. I worked and did my nails. I could have taken my air conditioner out (but they turned the heat on and it's hot in here) or cooked or baked something. But no. Just stupid stuff.

At least my nails look sparkly.

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