26 September 2012

Thanks for nothing, shop girl.

A couple of weeks ago, I went into Lush at the Mall of America to get some Imperialis moisturizer. Because I had five empty Imperialis containers, I also got to get a free masque.

The shop girl who helped me choose a masque took the opportunity to try to upsell me to a different moisturizer. And since I'm always searching, hoping for something that will work better for me. I listened. And I bought the Enzymion, despite the fact that it was $15 more expensive. I was looking for something cheaper than the Aveda moisturizer I've been using. It works fine, but it's 55 fucking dollars. For that amount of money, I would expect it to do exactly what it says it does (brighten your skin or something ... even out the complexion? I'm not sure).

Besides, it's dry (thanks, drought) and it's getting cooler and my skin will only be getting dryer. So I needed to move to something a bit more moisturizing anyway. That's where the Imperialis comes in.

Again, though, I'm an idiot and a sucker. Despite the fact that I told the shop girl that the several mattifying moisturizers I'd used in the past dried my skin out, she assured me that since none of those were Lush, I wouldn't have that problem.

Fast forward through the past couple of weeks and my skin is oilier than it has been in quite some time -- with a bonus of scaly dry patches all over my face. Also, zits! Different than my normal hormonal zits. I'm kicking myself and decide to return the stuff.

The worst part about all of this is that the shop girl who handled  my return today talked to me as if I was an idiot. I know that this moisturizer I'm returning is a mattifier. I know what a mattifier is supposed to do. I know it's not supposed to dry my skin out and make it more oily. If it did what you said it did, I'd love it. Instead, I've washed my face, used my masque tonight and applied the Imperialis and my face doesn't feel tight and it's not greasy as fuck either.

So, thanks for nothing, shop girl.

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