10 September 2012

Monday, you bitch.

I really felt like I'd feel ... better? Happier? Something-yer ... today. I actually went out last night, to the Rock for Democracy block party. Mostly to see Mark Mallman, who fucking rocked it.

Really -- it was perfect. The weather was gorgeous. I got all my shit done during the day, so I wasn't worried about doing laundry or cooking. I was home by 9:30. And it was fun.

I figured that would keep going today. I had to work from home so I could sign for my package from Amazon, so I didn't have to go into the gross air or use the disgusting bathroom at the office. Why I had to sign for a $20 French press is beyond me. I tried to have it delivered to the office, but they were going to charge me $5. Fuck that shit, UPS. You can go straight to Hell.

Despite all that, and despite looking like I'm gonna kick major ass in my new fantasy football league, I'm feeling bummed. Or blue. Blah. Something along those lines. I don't really know why. I've got a whole week of work ahead of me. I'm broke as fuck until Friday.

Oh well. There is much to look forward to this weekend. I will get through this week! I'm certain I'll feel better after yoga tomorrow night. That almost always does the trick.

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