16 September 2012

Back to it a day early.

I really should have started writing this earlier. I've kinda hit a wall after taking a shower and having to spend the entirety of halftime of the Sunday night game (and then some), working knots out of my hair. In the shower. That was fun.

For some reason, I kept my hair down all yesterday while drinking on the patios of various Irish pubs and then taking in an AWESOME ROCK SHOW at First Ave. Seriously, Bob Mould rocked my shit so hard, y'all. I felt like I had cotton stuffed in my ears until at least noon today. Probably should have gotten ear plugs, but what can you do?

I put in about a half day of work today for the first time in about two months. Possibly more. That was disheartening. I've been trying so hard to not work nights and weekends and I've still been more than 100 percent billable (but only by a few percentage points). Oh well. What's done is done. And we've got someone out on vacation this week, so it's better to dig out a little bit from under the pile of work before we really get buried. And I'm trying to leave early twice this week. I have yet to see one of my nephew's football games and I desperately need that massage later this week.

There's a blog post lurking in here about my hair and the no-poo situation about six months in. I'll try to get to that this week. I'll do it! I will!

There was some cooking this weekend (corn dog muffins on one end, roasted tomato sauce on the other). Rock Band with The Boy I Currently Like on Friday before the live rock music on Saturday. I'm really glad I spent so much time sitting on patios and drinking yesterday, because I really didn't enjoy the lovely weather today at all. And it's gonna get shitty for at least a few days coming up here. Though, it looks like it's going to be nice this weekend. That'll be good for sitting on the patio, petting the shit out of my favorite doggie.

Seriously, being able to see this gorgeous girl will make having to put on a baby shower totally worth it.

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