29 September 2012

"I'm voting for discrimination, but I'm not a bigot."

Oh my God. I'm so fucking tired of the marriage amendment supporters claiming they are not bigots, not homophobes. 

When this story came out last week about Christian clergy from around the state coming out (HA!) in support of the marriage amendment, I was going to blog about it. But of course I didn't get around to it. I've left the tab open for days, because I  intended to write about it. Obviously, the Catholic Church is against it. The concerted effort the Church is making in Minnesota was what finally led me to stop going to Mass. (I'd only been going for weddings/funerals/holidays for years.)

Now, I've read former Viking Matt Birk's opinion piece, also supporting the amendment, and I'm just so goddamn angry, I've got to get it out. It won't make me feel better (I'm already in tears), but the rage has to go somewhere.

It just fucking kills me that people like Birk and Archbishop John Nienstedt say things like, "This is a positive affirmation, not intended to be hurtful or discriminatory to anyone," (Niendstedt) or "A defense of marriage is not meant as an offense to any person or group," (Birk). 

How do you reconcile that in your head? How can you say you don't intend to discriminate when you're urging people TO VOTE IN FAVOR OF DISCRIMINATION? How do you think people should feel when you say, "No offense, but I think you shouldn't have the same rights as other American citizens"? 

How do you say, Matt Birk, "All people should be afforded their inalienable American freedoms," in the same article where you're saying gays don't deserve to have the same rights as other Americans? I would think the cognitive dissonance would be hard to deal with for a guy as smart as yourself.

When I read shit like this, I feel like I'm losing my goddamn mind. You can't say you're not a homophobe, not a bigot, if you want to deny an entire class of your fellow American citizens the same rights you're afforded. You are a bigot. You are a homophobe. You intend to discriminate, offend and be hurtful. 

Denying people equal rights hurtful and offensive. It's wrong. It's discrimination. And it has no place in the Minnesota Constitution. 

26 September 2012

Thanks for nothing, shop girl.

A couple of weeks ago, I went into Lush at the Mall of America to get some Imperialis moisturizer. Because I had five empty Imperialis containers, I also got to get a free masque.

The shop girl who helped me choose a masque took the opportunity to try to upsell me to a different moisturizer. And since I'm always searching, hoping for something that will work better for me. I listened. And I bought the Enzymion, despite the fact that it was $15 more expensive. I was looking for something cheaper than the Aveda moisturizer I've been using. It works fine, but it's 55 fucking dollars. For that amount of money, I would expect it to do exactly what it says it does (brighten your skin or something ... even out the complexion? I'm not sure).

Besides, it's dry (thanks, drought) and it's getting cooler and my skin will only be getting dryer. So I needed to move to something a bit more moisturizing anyway. That's where the Imperialis comes in.

Again, though, I'm an idiot and a sucker. Despite the fact that I told the shop girl that the several mattifying moisturizers I'd used in the past dried my skin out, she assured me that since none of those were Lush, I wouldn't have that problem.

Fast forward through the past couple of weeks and my skin is oilier than it has been in quite some time -- with a bonus of scaly dry patches all over my face. Also, zits! Different than my normal hormonal zits. I'm kicking myself and decide to return the stuff.

The worst part about all of this is that the shop girl who handled  my return today talked to me as if I was an idiot. I know that this moisturizer I'm returning is a mattifier. I know what a mattifier is supposed to do. I know it's not supposed to dry my skin out and make it more oily. If it did what you said it did, I'd love it. Instead, I've washed my face, used my masque tonight and applied the Imperialis and my face doesn't feel tight and it's not greasy as fuck either.

So, thanks for nothing, shop girl.

19 September 2012

Comcast only kinda screwed me today.

I consider that a win, really.

My remote had been getting less and less responsive, to the point where I beat it on the couch in a fit of rage last night.

After work tonight, I had to run some errands in preparation for my sister-in-law's baby shower on Saturday. Since the Comcast office is practically right across the street from Michaels, I figured I'd stop in and get a new remote.

It went so smoothly! I was going to have a new remote working fantastically!

Then I got home and spent an hour trying to get it to work. Oh, I had no problem programming my TV or DVR. But the cable box? Yeah, that's not gonna work.

I tried everything and eventually learned that they gave me a remote programmed with a code for a different cable box. Then I went online and chatted with someone in customer support. I had to wait like, 10 minutes, for someone to show up, but after that it was a breeze. In fact, it was better than the phone because I didn't have to ask for numbers to be repeated or anything like that.

So, yay.

18 September 2012

Tuesday: kicking you when you're down.

I know I've said it a million times, but Tuesday is just Monday in a fucking hat. A horrible, shitty hat.

Things didn't start exactly great when I accidentally stepped on a tube of tinted moisturizer, which broke and squirted out everywhere. I probably lost about $20 worth of product. Thankfully(?) the window where I could use it on its own was very brief and I have to mix it with the lighter stuff. So that's not the worst.

We had an all-company conference call at work this morning. Those are bad enough on their own. Our new phones made a weird reverberating noise with every single noise on the call. It kinda sounded like ... it had the quality of whatever it is that you have when you're pregnant to hear your fetus's heartbeat. Sonogram? I've had an ultrasound and that didn't make any noise, so I don't think it is that (though, I don't think a partially regrown thyroid makes any noise).

The part where the discuss new clients was the best, though. One of our new clients made the list. The US boss mentioned my boss and his boss and talked about how the team has doubled revenue over last year and we're all working very hard. Then he mentioned another boss and the third member of our team and lauded them, too. I got nothing. It's my client; I'm their contact. I've done all the work for them. I have the highest billable percentage and most billable hours. But I don't rate a fucking mention.

That was a bit of a kick in the gut. Or a total kick in the gut.

But wait! There's more.

About 20 minutes after that whole thing, I got an e-mail letting me know that I wouldn't even be getting an interview for the job I applied for last month. It was the first job I was interested in applying for in a long time. It was nice to have hope for a little while, I guess.

The good news is, I only cried in the bathroom like, twice today. And at the end of yoga and now a few times since I've been home.

I was really hoping yoga would make me feel better. I was promised last week that I would get to do Hanumanasana. But the regular instructor (who is my "new" instructor to finally replace Renee ... I've yet to drive out to New fucking Brighton to go to one of her classes) was not there. Instead, it was the lady who talks all during class and tonight, actually fucking YELLED. Yeah, that's gonna help me relax. Having a 45-second Savasana is really helpful too.

So, I was exhausted (no nap during Savasana, which usually leaves me refreshed), stressed and extra fun, my back hurts. It's been on the verge of being tweaked for nearly a week and I was really looking forward to finally working things out tonight.

And for some reason, I'm not drunk right now. I'm not sure what's going on there. That was to be the saving grace of my day. It was going to fix all the shit I've been talking about above. I'm honestly unsure as to why I'm not drunk.

All that's left to do is go to bed I guess. Hopefully tomorrow won't be any worse.

16 September 2012

Back to it a day early.

I really should have started writing this earlier. I've kinda hit a wall after taking a shower and having to spend the entirety of halftime of the Sunday night game (and then some), working knots out of my hair. In the shower. That was fun.

For some reason, I kept my hair down all yesterday while drinking on the patios of various Irish pubs and then taking in an AWESOME ROCK SHOW at First Ave. Seriously, Bob Mould rocked my shit so hard, y'all. I felt like I had cotton stuffed in my ears until at least noon today. Probably should have gotten ear plugs, but what can you do?

I put in about a half day of work today for the first time in about two months. Possibly more. That was disheartening. I've been trying so hard to not work nights and weekends and I've still been more than 100 percent billable (but only by a few percentage points). Oh well. What's done is done. And we've got someone out on vacation this week, so it's better to dig out a little bit from under the pile of work before we really get buried. And I'm trying to leave early twice this week. I have yet to see one of my nephew's football games and I desperately need that massage later this week.

There's a blog post lurking in here about my hair and the no-poo situation about six months in. I'll try to get to that this week. I'll do it! I will!

There was some cooking this weekend (corn dog muffins on one end, roasted tomato sauce on the other). Rock Band with The Boy I Currently Like on Friday before the live rock music on Saturday. I'm really glad I spent so much time sitting on patios and drinking yesterday, because I really didn't enjoy the lovely weather today at all. And it's gonna get shitty for at least a few days coming up here. Though, it looks like it's going to be nice this weekend. That'll be good for sitting on the patio, petting the shit out of my favorite doggie.

Seriously, being able to see this gorgeous girl will make having to put on a baby shower totally worth it.

13 September 2012

Emotions, nostalgia, etc.

Today, my parents closed on the sale of the only house I lived in for the first 18-plus years of my life. They're going to build a new house on the golf course in town ... eventually. It's been a slow process, but it appears to actually be moving.

When I first heard this would be happening, I mean ... I knew it was coming and I was all, "'Bout damn time." I'd never really felt like the kind of girl who lives out in the country. When I finally moved to Minneapolis for college, I felt like I was home. Wait. That's not entirely true. It took moving down to Mankato and then moving back to Minneapolis for this city to truly feel like home. I had always felt like a city girl, though.

Living out in the country when all of your friends lived in town was torture when you couldn't drive. At some point, it was determined I was old enough to ride my bike to town, but I couldn't do it at night. I mostly rode my bike to softball or swimming lessons. Whooo. I hated it. SO MUCH.

In addition to the big things (namely, being isolated a whole couple of miles outside of town ... if that), there were little things like, not having anywhere to bounce a basketball (my hoop was attached to a fucking tree in the backyard). Big Wheels sucked ass on gravel. And my bike didn't make that delightful clicking noise on gravel that it made on the black top. It was dusty and dirty. My car fishtailed on the washboarded gravel roads. It sucked.

But as I've gotten older, I've learned to appreciate some things. Mainly, the enormous yard and the trees. The new place is going to have a much smaller footprint and being in a brand-new subdivision, there will be no trees. They probably won't even have an actual yard for the first year or so. That's the worst. I love sitting out on the patio, watching fireflies or throwing things for the dog to run and get. I honestly feel like the few things I really love about the farm directly compete to with the things I hate.

Still, I was a bit surprised this afternoon when I realized the 'rents were probably done with their closing, that I got emotional. I had to hold back tears. I honestly didn't think it would be that big of a deal to me. I was wrong. My room was switched over to my sister's (and then my brother's) within days of my leaving for college in North Carolina. I don't know where things go any more. I loathe the shower so freakin' much. The stench of pigs in the summer will fucking kill you. Yet, I'm going to miss it.

This is what my mom wants, though. And she deserves it. With my brother and sister-in-law moving to town recently, we will have ample sleeping space from now on. I probably won't have to resort to hotels in the future. I will be able to go uptown to the bar and get drunk and stumble back to one place or the other. We're gonna have a huge, bad-ass family/rec room in the basement where we will be able to play video games and watch movies and play with the dog and stuff.

And with the 'rents renting the house until their new place is finished, I am going to have plenty of chances to say goodbye. Probably more than I would ever want. I'm going to try to cherish them, though.

10 September 2012

Monday, you bitch.

I really felt like I'd feel ... better? Happier? Something-yer ... today. I actually went out last night, to the Rock for Democracy block party. Mostly to see Mark Mallman, who fucking rocked it.

Really -- it was perfect. The weather was gorgeous. I got all my shit done during the day, so I wasn't worried about doing laundry or cooking. I was home by 9:30. And it was fun.

I figured that would keep going today. I had to work from home so I could sign for my package from Amazon, so I didn't have to go into the gross air or use the disgusting bathroom at the office. Why I had to sign for a $20 French press is beyond me. I tried to have it delivered to the office, but they were going to charge me $5. Fuck that shit, UPS. You can go straight to Hell.

Despite all that, and despite looking like I'm gonna kick major ass in my new fantasy football league, I'm feeling bummed. Or blue. Blah. Something along those lines. I don't really know why. I've got a whole week of work ahead of me. I'm broke as fuck until Friday.

Oh well. There is much to look forward to this weekend. I will get through this week! I'm certain I'll feel better after yoga tomorrow night. That almost always does the trick.

05 September 2012

DNC vs. Football

I'm trying get around to posting something. Anything! And of course, I start right when Bill Clinton starts speaking at the DNC. That's some good work, Jess.

OH GOD. MY CABLE FEED IS FREEZING. Please make it stop!

There were a number of days last week where I meant to post, where I wanted to post. But I didn't post. I didn't post about going to the wedding where I was meeting The Boy I Currently Like's family. I didn't post about taking The Boy with me to meet my extended family. I didn't post about either of my fantasy football drafts.

I posted about nothing. And I'm not going to post in detail about any of it. Sorry. I'll try to gloss over everything, so you get a flavor. But Bill Clinton is still speaking and, y'all, I'm ready to go out and fight someone or something. Why do you get me so worked up and inspired right before bedtime? It just seems wrong.

Turns out, meeting The Boy's family was a breeze. Because he had a panic attack and we left the wedding before it was even half over. I never really had time to be nervous. It was horrible for him and I felt awful for him.

Side note: Bill Clinton is FUCKING KILLING IT. You guys, I want to go out and fight someone. And/or register voters. I'm never gonna get to sleep tonight. 

Fortunately, we were able to spend a bit of time with The Boy's sister, brother-in-law and niece the day after the wedding. It was lovely and they were great. I got hugs when they left. I would love to spend time with them again in the future, so I think it all worked out.

Car got fixed. My fantasy drafts were held and I'm pretty happy with my teams. I totally abandoned football tonight, though. And I have no regrets about that.

The Boy met most of the family at my cousin's wedding this past weekend. He met my college friend Em, which I think was almost more important than meeting all of those family members. Oh man, I had such a great time with her on Friday night! I only wish KayGee could have been there. He skipped the wedding and ended up not even spending much time at the reception, again because of a panic attack (actually, he skipped the wedding to avoid a panic attack ... it worked until they opened up the doors to the ballroom where the reception would be held).

Those of the family who met him, albeit briefly, liked him. At least one of my aunts said he was cute (no arguments here). But after having to explain to every. single. one. of. them. why he was gone so quickly, I started to get upset. And I think there was a lot of build up there. I think, even before they all met him, I was getting the "why have you kept him from us for so long?" Well, this is why. I didn't want him to freak out and I didn't want to have to explain to everyone why he was gone suddenly.

So, I got drunk and when I went back to my room to talk to The Boy, I lost it. Oh my God, y'all, I was bawling. The Boy was impressed (or concerned?) that I was crying while brushing my teeth. Silly guy. I'm able to multitask. I felt horrible. After repeating his story over and over I again, I just started to feel HORRIBLE. I dragged him to Milwaukee to put him in uncomfortable situations/coop him up in a hotel room.

Well, he said it wasn't that bad and we ended the weekend with fun. We went to the Milwaukee Zoo (got in FREE with our Como Zoo membership, yo!) and saw some awesome animals, then went to Madison to spend the night with Pablocity Boykitten's mom and dad. Oh, that was an awesome night, you guys. We sat on the shore of Lake Monona all night and ate, drank and talked. It was delightful. We ate like, a billion kinds of meat (okay, chicken, pork and bacon, plus other meat-themed things).

I think that's most of it. I am trying very hard to keep up with this blog. I promised Em that I would! I'm coming down from my Bill Clinton DNC speech, so I think I should wrap it up. I gotta get ready for tomorrow night. How can it be anything other than FUCKING EPIC?