01 August 2012

Oh. My. GOD.

Man, I was having a shit day. I was just fucking tired and cranky as hell. Earlier in the day, this post was going to be about the hateful fucking skank from one of the offices on the floor who stole my Aveda Defining Whip while I peed. I left it for 30 goddamn seconds! What is wrong with those cunts? I hope they all get herpes.

But that all went away after I found out that not only was I going to see Dave Chappelle tomorrow night, but KayGee and I will be sitting in the FRONT FUCKING ROW.

I'm absolutely fucking giddy.

Lucky for me, I somehow saw a couple of tweets announcing the show about five minutes before tickets went on sale. I consider it something of a miracle, since I had upwards of 500 unread tweets. Stupid work keeping me ... working. On a whim, I sent a text to KayGee. We went back and forth. Tickets were expensiveish and the fees were ridiculous, of course. So K asked our lovely friend Sweetness if he would pick them up.

Long story short, he was there early enough and the scalpers hadn't quite gotten wind of things yet and we ended up with front fucking row tickets to see Dave fucking Chappelle. And we only paid $54 for them. Tickets are the same price for the entire theater, so the poor souls in the top in the back row paid the same (probably more, with fees) as we did. Fuck and yes. Of course, those tickets were probably bought by scalpers who found out about the show eventually.

Did I mention I'm giddy?

I'm just so glad KayGee pulled the trigger. Shit, I'm glad I pulled the trigger to text to see if she was interested. It's been quite some time since I did something spur-of-the-moment like this on a school night. Truth be told, I'm mostly off work Friday. That helped a little bit.

I can't wait until tomorrow, y'all.

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