23 August 2012

Changing focus.

So yesterday, I was all worried about meeting The Boy I Currently Like's family in a couple of days. Today however, I'm consumed with car issues and fantasy football.

Stoner Commish thinks it is not the job of the guy in charge of everything to be responsible for making sure everyone pays their league entry fee and them to pay that money out to the winners. Apparently, I'm supposed to harangue people I about know so they send him a check and them he sends me a check.

It's absolutely fucking maddening.

Not as maddening (or perhaps just differently maddening) were the noises my car had been making. There is something wrong with something in the drivers' side wheel area. The noise had gotten so disconcerting that I wanted to take my car in tomorrow. But the shop didn't have anything on their after-hours drop off, so I didn't leave it. Poop.

At least I managed to fix the awful manicure I got last night. While I was doing it, I realized he never pushed my cuticles back. What the hell did he do for two hours?

Honestly. And the instructor let it all go. That's some quality educating, Teanna.

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