22 August 2012

Barely keeping it together.

I'm less than three days away from meeting part of The Boy I Currently Like's family. And I've started panicking. It's mostly appearance-related, because that's something over which I kinda have control.

Tonight, I got a manicure at the Aveda Institute. I should have turned and run when I saw the stoner hippie in the hemp necklace call my name, but I didn't. He gave me the worst fucking manicure ever. My nails are all different lengths. The polish is dull and rough. It's chipping already and there are spots where there is no polish. It took nearly two hours.

I really have to stop going there. I could do better bombed off my ass. And I probably will. I have to redo most of the fingers in one way or another. Christ.

Now all I have to worry about is my hair and skin. I'm finally home tonight after more than a week of dog-sitting. My hair and skin did NOT like the water in that house. I started out all zitty, then my skin was dry. Now it's a little of both, plus itchy and blotchy. Fun! My hair has been dull, frizzy, lank and just fucking weird. I'm hoping against hope that getting back to my own place will help.

Because, let's face it -- if my hair looks terrible and I have a screaming red zit on my face, that's all anyone is gonna see. I wonder if I should get my hair done -- an updo or a blowout or something.

At least I'm excited about my dress and shoes. I love both. And my family liked him, so maybe his family will like me?

The thing that sucks is that I can't be nervous. With his anxiety, I have to be the calm one. No one's gonna hold my hand and reassure me.

I sure hope this isn't a dry wedding.

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