29 July 2012

Yet another milestone.

The trip to the farm with The Boy I Currently Like to meet the family was a complete success. He was as calm and relaxed as I've ever seen him in a situation I put him into. I didn't ask why he wasn't nervous. I guess it doesn't matter. 

What really matters is that it's over and done and I don't have to worry about him meeting my family ever again. That it went well is icing on the cake.

The puppy was the first to greet us; that might have helped. We had a good dinner, lots of stories and a huge fucking bonfire that had me concerned we were gonna have to call the fire department. That would have made for a delightful "meeting the family" story, no? 

I'm glad it's over and I'm glad it went well. I think my family quite liked him. My mom seems to be under some sort of impression that his positive response to her and dad saying, "Come back again soon," means that he will somehow get me to come home more often. 

Regardless, he now has a taste of what hanging out with my family is like. He'll be better prepared for the family wedding next month. But before that, it's my turn to meet some of his family members in a few weeks. Thankfully, there's enough stuff going on in the weeks between that I'm not nervous about it yet. 

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Carrie said...

Whoo hoo! Congrats! :)