08 July 2012

Work break.

Well, this is something altogether different.

I returned this afternoon from Girls' Weekend 2K12 -- my annual pilgrimage to a lake cabin with, well, the girls. It was just what the doctor ordered -- drinking, eating and floating on a lake. Also, petting dogs.

Oh sure, there were some hiccups. Like the pontoon battery dying and four of us having to tow the pontoon back to the doc. But hey -- it ended up being a really great cardio workout.

Now, I'm back to work for two days (plus the half day I put in today when I returned), and then I head back to the same-ish part of Wisconsin for some family cabin time. I'm not even fully unpacking. I kinda like that.

The big projects are (temporarily) finished at work, so now we have time to catch up. I was doing work today with a due date of July 3. And it's not even all finished yet. Thankfully (?), we'll be back on Friday, so I can spend my whole weekend trying to catch up on work. Whoo!

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