23 July 2012

What is wrong with you people?

This isn't about Michele Bachmann's neo-McCarthyism. Nor is it about the massacre in Aurora. Or the people who think the perpetrator's right to own an assault rifle is far more important than the rights of the victims to have health insurance. It's not about the fact that the late Sally Ride died without being able to marry her partner of 27 years.

Nope. It's petty. It's lame. Maybe all of that built up or maybe I just fucking suck. But I fucking lost my shit at the gym tonight when I realized that bright green spot on The Boy I Currently Like's book was not highlighter, but gum some goddamn motherfucking dickweed left in the book holder of the elliptical machine I was using.

Why would you do that? He or she didn't even bother to wrap it up -- just hid it in there for someone else to find. It fucking boggles my mind.

I was so angry, I wanted to punch someone in the throat. I wanted to knock over equipment. Is it petty? I don't know. Wait. It's totally petty. But I don't care. I was going to say it's something I can do something about. But it's not. I don't think I can become some kind of gum vigilante.

Regardless, by the time I got to the grocery store, I felt utterly defeated by humanity. Now I'm just exhausted. And it's only Monday. Yay.

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leiamarie82 said...

I feel so much better about the thoughts I've been having after reading this. Thank you.