15 July 2012

Vacation: All I ever wanted.

Even if it was a family vacation. I am going to go on record and say it was the best family vacation ever. No real fighting or even much snarkiness. Mom got a touch testy when I wouldn't put the shock collar on the dog, but I'd rather be frustrated by her (the dog) than hurt her in any way.

Having the dog there was so awesome. I thought she was awfully good, considering she's a seven-month-old puppy who has never been away from home before. She didn't go too far away when we were outside and left her to her own devices. She only peed in the house once, and that was when she saw me (I'd warned Dad that she does that whenever I first greet and pet her). It was just on the rug. She ended up loving the water -- she even jumped off the pontoon! It was pretty awesome.

Really, though, that was about it. I was as shocked as anyone else that we all got along just fine and everyone had fun. My brother thinks we should do a week next year, but I think maybe four or five days would be better. I mean, there's gonna be a baby next year.

I finally feel like I'm settling back in after going to Wisconsin for a wedding, then back for Girls' Weekend the following weekend and then turning around just more than 48 hours later and going for the family vacay. My apartment is still a horrible fucking mess, but I'm slowly getting things back to where they should be. All the laundry is done, so there's that.

Of course, I had to work once I got back. Fortunately, I had no internet at the cabin, so I couldn't do any work while I was away. I wouldn't have gotten to read as much or spend as much quality time with Sadie, either. The drive home, though, knowing I had to work pretty much as soon as I got home was so incredibly depressing. Leaving the dog didn't help any.

But I persevered. I didn't work too terribly much -- no more than a half day each day (okay, five hours on Friday). I hung out with The Boy I Currently Like (we rescued a dog named Lizzy who had escaped her home a couple streets over!). I even cooked tonight! I made chocolate zucchini bread and zucchini jam. I assume the former is good and the latter is shockingly delicious. I still have leftover stuff from both vacations to eat, so I didn't want to go making anything crazy tonight for lunch this week.

This fucking piece of shit Blogger isn't uploading my goddamn dog pictures. FUCK YOU, BLOGGER. 

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