16 July 2012

Look at me go!

I'm blogging two nights in a row! I made a pact with myself to try my best to work only 40 hours this week. Of course, I made that deal with myself forgetting that I worked several hours yesterday.

But that doesn't matter. I can still work only eight hours each day this week. Or I can try to do that. Rome wasn't built in a day or anything, right?

Our billable time figures came out last week and I noticed for the first time that I have more billable hours than anyone on my team. Save for one person within 15 hours of me, the next closest is more than 100 hours behind me. That shit is fucked up. I have less vacation time than most people, of course. And many of them could have tons of non-billable time. But still. And I have plenty of non-billable time, too.

My original thought was to try to make this my new thing, but when a bunch of vacation notices popped up in my e-mail today, I realized that might not be possible. I'm going to start with working normal hours when we're at "full" staffing levels. You've gotta start somewhere, right?

I'm going to get my damn life back. I can do it! Go Jess! Whoooooooooooooo!

There's not been even a hint of a desire in my mind to log in and check my e-mail. Fuck that. I went to the gym and did a full workout (I had to bike instead of do the elliptical because there were waiting lines for the cardio equipment ... fucking summer. You're just as bad as winter!). Went to the grocery store, did dishes, showered leisurely and now I'm blogging and watching The Daily Show.

I remember what this is like. It's nice. Maybe I can clean my apartment this weekend... Dare to dream, Jess. Dare to dream.

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