01 July 2012

Itchy and scratchy.

Oh, my sweet Jebus. My legs are covered with mosquito bites. My arms/shoulders/etc. aren't quite as bad, but damn, am I an itchy fucking mess.

There was much outdoors-ness this weekend for M&M's wedding festivities just across the border in lovely Wisconsin. It was a lovely time with The Boy I Currently Like. He was a trooper at all the events; we even got him to go to a bar. Of course, there were just six or seven of us there. But still, it's a step in the right direction.

We drank way too much Friday night and stayed out way too late (him later than me, though). Saturday was rough, but we made it. Being sick didn't help me any.

Now I'm back to the grind. I managed to not think about work at all yesterday. Of course, the moment I remembered that I have a 7:00 a.m. call with a client tomorrow, all the work-related depression came roaring back.

Still -- Girls' Weekend is on the horizon. I got to pet a dog yesterday at the reception. And I got to spend time all weekend with all the wonderful people I've met through The Boy. I've been sitting here trying to think of something more eloquent to say than I think they're all great and I'm so lucky to know them all, but I'm tired. And you know, they are all great and I am lucky to know them. So I think that's enough.

(Obviously, The Boy is great and I'm lucky to know him, too. But that's a given.)

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