22 July 2012

I did it!

Not only did I make it through last week working no more than nine hours a day, I got through this weekend without working a lick. I'm pretty fucking proud of myself. Shit, I even went out on a whim last night. Granted, I just walked up the street and got drunk with Macho Man. But I did it. 

Unfortunately, I received a call at 7:52 this morning that woke my mildly hungover ass up. I almost didn't answer, but the area code was the same as my parents', so I panicked a bit. There was nothing to worry about; in fact, it was reason to celebrate. Urbanwanderlust had gone to the hospital to have her wee baby. It was time for me to hang out with three CORGI!s. 

Long story short, it was a false alarm. However, I got a couple hours of dog time. Also, I'm more prepared for when the real thing happens. I anticipate that being this week, so I'm on notice. 

I managed to get a pretty darn good cardio workout in, despite being tired and waking up hungover. Got my laundry done and now even cooking and dishes are done. Sunday success! The cooking wasn't much of anything. I just roasted a bunch of vegetables to use in various applications throughout the week. 

My laundry's not yet put away and I could have done a lot of other stuff this weekend, including cleaning this fucking pig sty, but Jebus, this is my first no-work, no-obligation weekend in for-fucking-ever. I remember what this used to be like. It's delightful!

The goal for the upcoming week remains the same -- no more than nine hours of work per day and getting in a good workout through Thursday at least. Oh no, wait! I can go to the gym Friday after work, too, because I'm going to the farm Saturday. 

And The Boy I Currently Like is coming with me. Dun-dun-duuuun

*insert cliffhanger here*  

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