04 July 2012

Floppy hats and slip-on shoes.

Those are the things of my dreams and the upcoming weekend. That's what's getting me through working on the fucking Fourth of July.

I'm pretty sure I've written a post mentioning working on Independence Day at least the previous two years. What the fuck? Oh God.

Here it is, 10:45 and I don't have the energy to do anything I should be doing. I cleaned my bathroom and did some of my dishes, I guess. I ran some errands and hit the gym (for 30 minutes of cardio ... fuck, it was uncomfortable in there). So, I guess I did okay today?

In theory, I only have three days of work between now and the end of next week. It sounds amazing and heavenly. I can only hope it comes true.

Besides, I could be doing more stuff around here, but despite the fact that my AC has been on 72 all damn day, it's like 78 in here. TOO HOT TO DO STUFF. Sure, there are people with no AC whose places are worse (like The Boy I Currently Like, whose apartment is 87 degrees), but I am gonna wait until it's more comfortable.

Except I've seen some Girls' Weekend Facebook posts roll through on my e-mail, so I think I might do some organizing of my stuff for floating on a lake and drinking.

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