21 May 2012

Weekend, complete with stuff and fun.

This past weekend, I actually went out. And did stuff. With friends!

There was music: Ramones Mania Saturday at Lee's Liquor Lounge and lots o' bands yesterday at the Lyn-Lake Street Fest.

There was booze: vodka lemonade, beer and wine Friday night at my wee friend SB's first birthday party, and later at The Boy I Currently Like's house. I bought a round of drinks for five of us fro $21.25 on Saturday night at Lee's. And there was much beer and a couple of Bloody Marys on Sunday. The best part of that was that I stopped drinking when I left and was sober well before bed.

One of the drinks I had Saturday was super-fancy. Back in February, for my birthday, The Boy gave me The Boozy Baker cookbook. Lots of the recipes caught my eye -- I love baking and booze, after all -- but one in particular called for a French ginger liqueur -- Domaine de Canton if you could get it. Shortly after that, my beloved Nigella Lawson tweeted a picture of the bottle. And I meant to get some. But I forgot.

The Boy fixed that for me on Friday. He grabbed me a sixer of the new Summit Saga (delicious, by the way) and surprised me with the Domaine de Canton. I was crazy about it right away. It smells like alcohol and ginger. It tastes like fresh ginger, which is one of my favorite things in the world. I made a vodka tonic with it on Saturday. I believe the called it an Indochine Tonic on the website. Not only does it taste of fresh ginger (plus lemon, c'mon), but you get the smell of it when you bring it up to your mouth. It's an amazing sensory experience all around.

If I didn't have a couple of open wine bottles sitting around, I would be having one of those drinks right now. Or maybe the one with Domaine de Canton, fresh lemon juice and bitters. Or one of the concoctions featuring bourbon or whiskey. I LOVE THIS SHIT, YOU GUYS.

I suppose I could make my own ginger-infused vodka dn it might be kind of the same. I should look into that. Though, I've looked into making root beer and ginger ale and have yet to actually do it. I have a window open for DIY raspberry liqueur. At least I have all of these potential projects out there if I get the time/inclination to do them.

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