22 May 2012

New blog/blog feature idea.

Not a super-great idea, since I've essentially abandoned "That's not a parking spot, asshole." I mean, I keep taking pictures, I just never get around to posting them.

The idea is this -- a daily or weekly photo of the latest disgusting thing I've seen in a women's bathroom. I got the idea today, when I wrote an e-mail to our building manager about the shit state of the third floor bathroom. I was in there a week ago and one of the napkin disposal bins was gone. Instead of taking their refuse and throwing it away in the trash, some disgusting fucking slob decided to just put her used tampon on the little shelf on which the bin normally rests -- not wrapped in toilet paper or anything.


I figured the bin would be back soon, but I opted to go use another bathroom for a while. Today I was forced back up there, and the bin was still missing and there was still cooter-related trash in there. This was after the cleaning person had just been through.

So I was forced to write another e-mail. The one I wrote last week on Monday or Tuesday was because the week prior to that, someone had explosive (or at least very splattery) diarrhea and there was some on the upper part of the bowl. You could see it when you walked toward the stalls. I have no idea how the cleaning crew missed it. But they did -- every day for a week.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. I could stick to just my work building and have probably several weeks of weekly posts -- period blood smeared on stall walls, unflushed toilets full of poo, toilet seats with piss all over them, used feminine hygiene products and their peripherals on the trash, vomit splattered around the toilets ...

Yeah, it would be really gross. But it would be new. And changing shit up might make this dude stop complaining.


Mindful Waste said...

Schweeet! But... not so fast. Compliment not complaint. I do love reading the lament. Keep writing for my sake. Move on to other environs for yours. Besides afterglide has gross documentation covered.

captcha karma? eatemoreionlov

jg_38 said...

But what am I going to do with all the bad parking pictures I've been taking and not sending you?

Anonymous said...

yes, do it ! can't wait to see the photo evidence.