15 May 2012

I'm such a sucker.

Okay, maybe not a sucker. I am a principled woman. I'm too lazy to look up whether I wrote about this or not. I know I tweeted about it. I've talked a lot about it. But the whole trying-to-improve-office-morale-by-giving-us-free-food thing is pissing me off. They're feeding us pizza and subs monthly and breakfast weekly. Except we have to bring in breakfast and then get reimbursed.

That whole idea pisses me off because, here we are, working many extra hours and they're responding by feeding us shitty food? I have less time to shop for groceries, work out and cook healthy meals. So you're gonna feed us fatty, sugary food, loaded with sodium. Sweet! And there's a wellness plan on the way? One of the tenets of the program is bringing healthier food into the office? How does this compute?

Since I've been complaining about this conflict and also because I'm a known cook/baker, I opted to make the breakfast for which I signed up. I thought I chose easy-to-make things -- crustless quiches and banana/pumpkin breads. And they were all pretty easy. But not as easy as just buying some damn bagels or doughnuts.

The thing is, I made healthy shit. Relatively healthy, anyway. The breads have flax, wheat germ and whole wheat flour. I cut the sugar and the fat. The quiches are mostly vegetable and I used 1 percent milk instead of half and half or heavy cream. I think I used 2 percent cheddar in two of the quiches, but I can't remember.

I did all of this to keep my principled stand. I think that kinda makes me a sucker. But a principled sucker. So I've got that going for me.

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Mindful Waste said...

I love reading your lament with your employer, but really... I mean REALLY! Just... move... on.