06 May 2012


Normally, I can pinpoint whatever is making me weepy. Today, not so much. There's no hormonal stuff going on. I mean, I'm mid-period. That's generally a fairly non-emotional time. Leading up to it? Nightmare. Once it starts? If anything, I'm ragey, but not sad.

But I've been crying at stupid shit for no reason all day today. It's fucking maddening. I was crying during the goddamn Comedy Awards. THE COMEDY AWARDS, y'all.

I did some cooking and baking, but that didn't even help much. Though, the roasted asparagus with chive-egg sauce that I made was fucking delicious. Crazy good. I made a recipe from The Boozy Baker, which The Boy I Currently Like gave me for Christmas. Or my birthday? Fuck. I can't remember.

Nothing much else to say. I'm sad and I feel disgusting, physically. I'm tired. All that bullshit. Bah. I need a change or something good to happen. Something. Anything.

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