31 May 2012


I have time for blogging tonight, but I don't have anything to write about.

Well, I probably have stuff to write about, but no thoughts are forming, Maybe because I'm watching The Soup. Or it could be the wine. Or the few extra hours of work.

Perhaps a combination of all those things? And more!

I know it's been said, but the idea of that girl from the Twilight movies being Snow White and allegedly more beautiful (or fair, if you're gonna be all picky about it) than Charlize Theron as the Queen is fucking ridiculous.

Full disclosure: Charlize Theron will forever have my loyalty after playing Rita on Arrested Development.

Anyway ...

28 May 2012

How was your weekend?

"Too short," would be Chicken Little's response every. single. Monday. Or Tuesday, I guess, if we had a Monday holiday. It feels like a standard, canned Corporate America response.

But man, sometimes is so fucking true. I could have used more time for cooking, baking, cleaning, resting, working, drinking, sleeping ... blah, blah, blah. Oh well.

After complaining in my last post about the dog being kind of an asshole this weekend, I was missing her something fierce this morning already. I would have been missing her last night if I hadn't been so damn exhausted. I was in bed at 11:00 for the second night in a row. I can't ever fucking get to bed that early when I have to go to work the next day. Shit, it's 10:15 and I'm still eating my steak salad I made 45 minutes ago. There's no way I'll be in bed by 11:00.

I'm at least not feeling as horribly sad as I have been feeling over the weekend. I cried when The Boy I Currently Like drove out of the driveway on Saturday. The sadness was kinda crushing today, but it eventually evaporated when I made a farting noise with my dish washing gloves.

Looking back at my last post, I see I left something out. My brother showed up unexpectedly while I was making dinner for me and The Boy. None of my family members were supposed to be around, much less making surprise visits. However, I can't say I was totally surprised. Okay, I wasn't surprised at all. I fear I worried The Boy a bit more than I should have, because he was thinking my brother was going to stay, based on what I was saying. But he just stopped by on the way home from golfing, ostensibly to check on the dog. *insert over-the-top-eye-roll here*

Anyway, it went fine and my brother wasn't a jerk and now The Boy has met at least one of my family members. Of course, I wanted him to meet my brother last because my brother was the one who was the biggest jerk about having to meet him.

I don't know how to end this, so I'm ending it.

26 May 2012

Tired and ticky.

I'm not even sure I have enough in me to finish this post, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

Tomorrow is my last day of puppy-sitting duty. Today was really the only full day.  And it has been full. The Boy I Currently Like came down after work yesterday and we didn't get to bed until 2:00ish. We kept Sadie up well past her normal bedtime, but I still had to get her out of her kennel around 7:00 this morning. I woke up at 5:20 and didn't really go back to sleep. Yay, three hours of sleep!

We weathered the thunderstorm this morning and The Boy left shortly after that. The dog won't eat and is humping her bed. I put her in her kennel for the afternoon so I could take a nap and do my laundry. She was kind of an asshole for much of the time after I got her out. I found some ticks on her, but I couldn't get them off because she won't fucking sit still. It's been frustrating. And I'm so tired.

I hope I can sleep, because I feel like I'm covered in ticks. It kinda sucks. I didn't get any work done, either. That also sucks.

23 May 2012

Wasting found time.

Today, I left that place I spend many hours a day a good hour earlier than I normally do. I was so excited! I wouldn't get home super-late after the gym and errands. 

Of course the errands took longer than I thought they would. There were thunderstorms coming and I'm sure there was some other reason to make me think that skipping the gym would be a good idea. 

BUT I WENT TO THE GYM. And once I had one sock changed, I realized my goddamn fucking sport bra was not in my bag. One of these days, I learn to understand myself. I'm pretty sure my subconscious was telling me to skip the gym because I didn't have my bra. But no, I knew better. I was going to be good and virtuous and work out. 

Instead, I wasted time and put myself in pain because I had to pee from the time I left Target, all through the congested drive back to Minneapolis, while I dropped my package off at Fed Ex and then got to the gym parked, went in, tried to change and then left. 

The storms didn't start shortly after I arrived home. I sat out on the deck to watch the weather roll in, but it didn't roll in. That was about the best thing I did with my time. 

I had all of this found time tonight, and I totally fucking wasted it. Aside from my errands and aborted gym visit, all I did was come home and fuck around. I didn't work or bake or clean or read or cook. I ate crappily and I'm drinking and watching a Modern Family repeat. Well, now I'm on to the new season finale. 

I have failed in my Wednesday night.

22 May 2012

New blog/blog feature idea.

Not a super-great idea, since I've essentially abandoned "That's not a parking spot, asshole." I mean, I keep taking pictures, I just never get around to posting them.

The idea is this -- a daily or weekly photo of the latest disgusting thing I've seen in a women's bathroom. I got the idea today, when I wrote an e-mail to our building manager about the shit state of the third floor bathroom. I was in there a week ago and one of the napkin disposal bins was gone. Instead of taking their refuse and throwing it away in the trash, some disgusting fucking slob decided to just put her used tampon on the little shelf on which the bin normally rests -- not wrapped in toilet paper or anything.


I figured the bin would be back soon, but I opted to go use another bathroom for a while. Today I was forced back up there, and the bin was still missing and there was still cooter-related trash in there. This was after the cleaning person had just been through.

So I was forced to write another e-mail. The one I wrote last week on Monday or Tuesday was because the week prior to that, someone had explosive (or at least very splattery) diarrhea and there was some on the upper part of the bowl. You could see it when you walked toward the stalls. I have no idea how the cleaning crew missed it. But they did -- every day for a week.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. I could stick to just my work building and have probably several weeks of weekly posts -- period blood smeared on stall walls, unflushed toilets full of poo, toilet seats with piss all over them, used feminine hygiene products and their peripherals on the trash, vomit splattered around the toilets ...

Yeah, it would be really gross. But it would be new. And changing shit up might make this dude stop complaining.

21 May 2012

Weekend, complete with stuff and fun.

This past weekend, I actually went out. And did stuff. With friends!

There was music: Ramones Mania Saturday at Lee's Liquor Lounge and lots o' bands yesterday at the Lyn-Lake Street Fest.

There was booze: vodka lemonade, beer and wine Friday night at my wee friend SB's first birthday party, and later at The Boy I Currently Like's house. I bought a round of drinks for five of us fro $21.25 on Saturday night at Lee's. And there was much beer and a couple of Bloody Marys on Sunday. The best part of that was that I stopped drinking when I left and was sober well before bed.

One of the drinks I had Saturday was super-fancy. Back in February, for my birthday, The Boy gave me The Boozy Baker cookbook. Lots of the recipes caught my eye -- I love baking and booze, after all -- but one in particular called for a French ginger liqueur -- Domaine de Canton if you could get it. Shortly after that, my beloved Nigella Lawson tweeted a picture of the bottle. And I meant to get some. But I forgot.

The Boy fixed that for me on Friday. He grabbed me a sixer of the new Summit Saga (delicious, by the way) and surprised me with the Domaine de Canton. I was crazy about it right away. It smells like alcohol and ginger. It tastes like fresh ginger, which is one of my favorite things in the world. I made a vodka tonic with it on Saturday. I believe the called it an Indochine Tonic on the website. Not only does it taste of fresh ginger (plus lemon, c'mon), but you get the smell of it when you bring it up to your mouth. It's an amazing sensory experience all around.

If I didn't have a couple of open wine bottles sitting around, I would be having one of those drinks right now. Or maybe the one with Domaine de Canton, fresh lemon juice and bitters. Or one of the concoctions featuring bourbon or whiskey. I LOVE THIS SHIT, YOU GUYS.

I suppose I could make my own ginger-infused vodka dn it might be kind of the same. I should look into that. Though, I've looked into making root beer and ginger ale and have yet to actually do it. I have a window open for DIY raspberry liqueur. At least I have all of these potential projects out there if I get the time/inclination to do them.

15 May 2012

I'm such a sucker.

Okay, maybe not a sucker. I am a principled woman. I'm too lazy to look up whether I wrote about this or not. I know I tweeted about it. I've talked a lot about it. But the whole trying-to-improve-office-morale-by-giving-us-free-food thing is pissing me off. They're feeding us pizza and subs monthly and breakfast weekly. Except we have to bring in breakfast and then get reimbursed.

That whole idea pisses me off because, here we are, working many extra hours and they're responding by feeding us shitty food? I have less time to shop for groceries, work out and cook healthy meals. So you're gonna feed us fatty, sugary food, loaded with sodium. Sweet! And there's a wellness plan on the way? One of the tenets of the program is bringing healthier food into the office? How does this compute?

Since I've been complaining about this conflict and also because I'm a known cook/baker, I opted to make the breakfast for which I signed up. I thought I chose easy-to-make things -- crustless quiches and banana/pumpkin breads. And they were all pretty easy. But not as easy as just buying some damn bagels or doughnuts.

The thing is, I made healthy shit. Relatively healthy, anyway. The breads have flax, wheat germ and whole wheat flour. I cut the sugar and the fat. The quiches are mostly vegetable and I used 1 percent milk instead of half and half or heavy cream. I think I used 2 percent cheddar in two of the quiches, but I can't remember.

I did all of this to keep my principled stand. I think that kinda makes me a sucker. But a principled sucker. So I've got that going for me.

09 May 2012

Today, I am proud of my president.

I'm not sure I've ever said that. Or even felt it. Don't get me wrong -- I love me some Bill Clinton. LOVE. HIM. I just don't remember a single defining moment in his presidency that made me say, "I'm proud of my president."

As you all surely must be aware, today, President Obama said he thinks same-sex marriages should be legal.

Fuck. And. Yes.

Honestly, after I heard the news, I spent most of the afternoon trying to keep from bursting into tears. They were tears of joy, of course. They were tears of relief and exhaustion, too. That could really be some stress creeping in there, but it all felt really genuine.

The Boy I Currently Like said someone (maybe Rachel Maddow's producer?) said it was an even bigger deal than people think it is. That's true. Everyone knows this has pissed the right off something fierce. But the President is taking a pretty significant risk by taking a position that could alienate a lot of people who were nearly certain votes for him. Homosexuality isn't exactly embraced in communities of color. Obama could lose some Black voters because of publicly stating his stance. You know who else is very much against marriage equality? Catholics. You know what population is predominately Catholic? Latinos.

So, yes, this is very much a big deal; possibly a much bigger deal than many people realize.

Of course, it didn't take very long for me to start reading things on Facebook and Twitter like, "What took so long?", "Can we start just calling it 'married' now?" and "Why isn't he doing more?"

I get it -- I felt the same way after the passage of the health care reform act. I also agree wholeheartedly. But this is HUGE. Social change doesn't happen overnight. We can't go from zero to marriage equality in the course of an afternoon. It takes small, incremental change and a lot of hard work to get there. Today, for the first time, I actually feel like maybe we will get there. And that's amazing.

06 May 2012


Normally, I can pinpoint whatever is making me weepy. Today, not so much. There's no hormonal stuff going on. I mean, I'm mid-period. That's generally a fairly non-emotional time. Leading up to it? Nightmare. Once it starts? If anything, I'm ragey, but not sad.

But I've been crying at stupid shit for no reason all day today. It's fucking maddening. I was crying during the goddamn Comedy Awards. THE COMEDY AWARDS, y'all.

I did some cooking and baking, but that didn't even help much. Though, the roasted asparagus with chive-egg sauce that I made was fucking delicious. Crazy good. I made a recipe from The Boozy Baker, which The Boy I Currently Like gave me for Christmas. Or my birthday? Fuck. I can't remember.

Nothing much else to say. I'm sad and I feel disgusting, physically. I'm tired. All that bullshit. Bah. I need a change or something good to happen. Something. Anything.

05 May 2012

I forgot what free time was like.

The news database I needed to use to do some work today (and yesterday) was not cooperating, so I couldn't do any work today/tonight. It feels weird. 

Maybe I wasn't prepared to have free time? Or possibly I just forgot how to use my time, but I feel like I could have done much more than make banana bread, clean the bathroom and ... I don't know. Do whatever else I did. Dishes?

I feel like I should have been reading or clearing off my DVR or doing something. Anything? I watched some NBA playoffs. I'm now being far more delighted than I ever thought I would have been by Eli Manning on SNL. That's really about it. 

Makes me sad that I don't know how to waste a day anymore. 

02 May 2012

Burning out.

It was only a matter of time, for Christ's sake. I can't work 50-60 hours a week for more than two months (I started that shit even before we lost all the people to the Great Mass Canning of 2012). I need a break.

My break, of course, means only working nine-and-a-half hours yesterday. And 10 today. But I had time to work more. I could have and probably should have worked more today. I decided I wanted to watch TV and read Twitter more. I just couldn't concentrate any more.

I'm also wanting to do stuff this weekend. Mostly things that aren't work. I mean, I don't want our clients to suffer. I don't want to have them yell at me. But no one on our end seems to care very much, save for those of us in the trenches.

And the amount of work out there waiting to be done is so daunting as to be almost paralyzing. I'm sure I'll get over myself and get back to the grindstone, but not tonight.

I'm gonna lay down on the couch now, and watch the Grizzlies and Clippers and let Chris Webber's lovely voice lull me into relaxation.