02 April 2012

Today could have been worse.

I think that's about all Monday can ask for in terms of praise, right?

Work was mostly manageable today. Though, I put in a good chunk of time before I actually left home. And did a lot of not-entirely-billable work during the day. However, everything that had a due date of today was out the door, and that's the best we've done in a good few weeks.

Basketball wasn't exactly awesome tonight. Apparently, I could have finished third in the office pool, had Kansas won. But they were TERRIBLE. Unless I'm wrong about that. Probably not, though, because a good 75 percent of the participants had picked Kentucky to win.

Whatever. Breaking even is lame. Just take my goddamn money.

The Timberwolves are down by eight with ... poop. The screen just went away. Oh, 1:50 left. That's not the worst of the news, though. Our last remaining point guard, Jesus-loving hillbilly Luke Ridnour, went down with an ankle sprain. Nooooooooooooooooo! And I'm going to the game on Wednesday with my coworkers.

Oh well. I should probably be getting ready to go to bed. My caffeine-fueled Game of Thrones watching last night left me up very late. I slept pretty shitty, too. And I'm watching the Wolves finish up a West Coast game. I should be ready to climb into bed as soon as these 30.8 seconds are up. But I'm nowhere near that point.

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Bill From Gainesville said...

Love me some Game of Thrones