23 April 2012

Same ol', same ol. Except with a puppy.

Work sucks. I worked late Friday (I did take a couple-hour break to go to my nephew's track meet), worked late Saturday and worked late Sunday. I was working until about 20 minutes ago tonight.

We heard some shit last week about raising morale -- we're going to get quarterly pizza parties! Because we're elementary school children. Or possibly a little league team. Go, team!

Let's not moderate our workload or anything. THAT WOULD BE CRAZY.

I did manage to kind of regroup over the weekend, despite the extra work hours. Well, I regrouped Saturday. I was awake at 4:00 or 4:30 Saturday morning. Not awesome. I mean, I had to get up early anyway to go watch my nephew play some hoops. He ended up fouling out halfway through the first half of the second game. His fifth foul? A technical. After the ref warned him for mouthing off or whatever the hell he was doing. Not gonna lie -- it was kinda awesome.

Despite my lack of sleep, I went to the gym after I got back to MPLS and even worked for a couple of hours before I finally succumbed to a nap. I had to cancel on The Boy I Currently Like, because of the lack of sleep and stress and work I needed to get done. That's the first time I've had to do something like that. It was weird.

But it was for the best, because I actually got some sleep Saturday night -- like, eight hours worth. It felt pretty damn awesome, if I'm gonna be honest with y'all. That's not all, though. I got my lunch for the week cooked in the crock pot, got more work done and got to meet this little lady:

Her name is Birdie and she is SO FUCKING CUTE. You can see a bit of my corgi buddy off to the side there, and of course Birdie's mom, Jen. I met that adorable puppy before having some ridiculously good homemade fried chicken and other assorted deliciousness at Dave and Sarah's. I'm not going to be modest -- I helped with some kick-ass cheesy grits.

So, all of that awesomeness in a short period of time, plus some sleep and stuff ... I was doing okay when I went to bed last night. Of course, getting up this morning was another story. It's a constant struggle. I didn't get to the gym today. Well, I went to the gym and checked in and all that. But it turned out I'd forgotten my sport bra. No cardio for you, Jess!

It's all good in the hood, though. I got some work done tonight in advance of taking some time off tomorrow to go with The Boy to the Minnesota Zoo. We're gonna see some baby animals, the penguins and some dholes (I'm not gonna lie -- in my head, I say "dee-holes." Because I'm a 10-year-old boy).

There's work to do yet. And dishes. But fuck that shit. I'm tired.

Also, I briefly glanced over this post. Why the fuck did I bother to write it? This shit is boring as hell, y'all.

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