01 April 2012

Not the usual Sunday night.

First, I can't believe I didn't post most of last week. I mean, I thought about it. I was just so damn tired. And sick of sitting in front a computer.

The upcoming week doesn't look too promising, either. One of my coworkers is supposed to be on vacation, and our workload is showing no signs of abating. I really hope the colleague is able to have some semblance of vacation, because if not, that means none of us will.

So, instead of my usual Sunday night of cooking and watching ”Two Fat Ladies,” I went to The Boy I Currently Like's house to have some ribs and watch ”Game of Thrones.” I finished all five books between the end of last season and this one. Actually, I finished quite some time ago.

It was great, and it was a lovely time hanging out with The Boy, as always. It's a nice set-up before I have a craptastic week. Hopefully, it won't be too terrible.

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