08 April 2012

I don't like this new normal.

I'm just now sitting down to relax today. It's nearly 10:45.

Things were busy at the farm -- helping get dinner ready, playing with the puppy. Then I left and came home to work and do laundry. After that was cooking and now here I am sitting down to do a quick blog post, upload some photos and watch The Killing.

I'd hoped to get some work done yesterday, but with the entire family around, it was impossible. Not to mention the fact that we spent about four hours driving around looking at the exteriors of houses to help the 'rents decide what they want in their new house.

This week is my spa day. I'm hoping I can still take the damn day off. I mean, I'll have to make up most of the day. Christ, I already did most of it today. That won't be enough, though. Nothing is ever enough now.

Still, I got to spend some time with this fuzzy little spaz, so that's good. It's better than good, in fact.

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