15 April 2012

Focusing on the bright spots.

Well, I'm trying to focus on the bright spots. I'm not actually having much success there.

On Tuesday, I'm hosting a group of ladies for a little Birchbox/general product swap. I love the ladies who are coming (those I know, anyway). I love hanging out with them. I love makeup -- talking about it, playing with it, everything.

However, I am mega stressed about having to clean and have food and booze and all that. I can't remember when I agreed to host this ... It may or may not have been before the day everyone got canned. Even if it was shortly after, I probably had no idea what my life would be like right now.

I managed to get my apartment "cleaned" today. I dusted and vacuumed. It's still a fucking dump in here, but at least I made an effort. If I keep the lighting low, maybe people will notice a bit less. My work day tomorrow isn't going to be quite as heinous as I'd thought earlier today. It'll still be bad; just not as bad. So, maybe I will have some additional getting-ready time.

At the end of the day, it will be worth it. I've remembered some of my go-to appetizers that are quick-ish and easy, so that's good. I have plenty of booze around here, so that's covered. It won't be terrible getting ready.

See -- I've already made things better for myself.

I wish there was more going on to talk about, but there's not much else.

Just noticed it was after 10:00. FUCK.

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